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Thank you for your attendance in our presentation on Solar Punk and Digital Ecology 

Hope you have found it inspiring.

Below you will find detailed information about case studies introduced during the speech, link to the videos and visual assets you can apply as a digital layer onto the physical world around you.

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Solar Punk Visual Language 

All the visual assets you can find on our GIPHY channel: https://giphy.com/radicalzz_studio

Visuals for the Solar Punk Movement were made in collaboration with Julie Molinie.

More info on her:

I grew up in south of France and am now based in Paris. I am working as a designer, through a range of digital tools that I have learned to use mainly on my own.

I create contents for underground music artists or collaborate with other designers, always curious to share perspectives and learn on issues I feel concerned about.
I am guided by my intuition, questions and emotions. I believe in impermanence and imperfection. I am fascinated by mysticism and technological artefacts, the dissonances they generated around us.

I am inspired by any kinds of radical aesthetics, from 2000s fashion and b-movies to cyberdelic and ultramodern aura.

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