Cards Deck

Toolkit that helps discovering sustainable future-making trends and technologies.

Almost every week we can find out about a new technology or a prototype that will change our world and reshape the future.

It seems tricky to believe in all of them, but the truth is, we are on the verge of multiple technological and scientific breakthroughs.

As a result, life as we know it will change during the next decade or two.

So we came up with a more laid-back way to explore the options and discover unusual connections between UN sustainable goals, technologies and trends.

We strive to democratise possible, sustainable future visions.

That’s why we created FUTURO - a simple and fun tool that connects Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with TRENDS and TECHNOLOGIES to construct a blueprint for a better future.

Development Goals

SDGs were set by the United Nations General Assembly in 2015 for the year 2030.  The Goals are interconnected, together delivering a blueprint for a better future

The SDGs framework in Futuro was inspired by Balance of the Planet, an environmental-themed computer game published on the Earth Day 1990 by Chris Crawford.


We described over 35 key technologies to challenge users’ perception and give them tools that support the process of creating human-oriented solutions for the future.


In the deck we also included 15 cards of key Mega Trends to help keeping track of early symptoms of changes, which take place in contemporary world.

Using them allows to look at things from different perspectives, see the bigger picture and explore the potential of putting things in context.  


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