Introducing an
AI-based medical technology to the market

One of our Clients was a Polish startup pioneering the growing market of democratized access to basic medical care. The company created a portable telemedical booth, a product that resonates with the emerging Insurance Tech field.

The device uses advanced diagnostic technologies (e.g. AI and Big Data-powered prediction) to let everyone non-invasively perform essential examinations, track their results and share them with a doctor.  

At our client request, we created the visual identity for both product and brand. We also designed and implemented its website. To achieve that, we split the project in two, reaching into our network of radicalzz.fellows.

Technology explainers

Big Data is a term that has many negative connotations. Therefore, one of the main challenges was to show potential users that their personal info might be used in a beneficial way. For that purpose, we devised a strategy, which employed the use of 3D-illustrated explainers and the psychological study of color.

Visual and brand identity

We invited Martin Koleva, a 3D designer from the Czech Republic, to collaborate on visual elements. He was responsible for creating imaginative, animated 3D-visualizations to give customers a better grasp on the product’s features.

The hues used in a specially created brand-book were the ones commonly associated with care and trust, the brand values we wanted to emphasize.

Content strategy & Web development

At the same time, our core team worked to create a website that was not only pervasive but also educational. We designed the content strategy and implemented the visual design, basing it on the brand book. The overall design was amplified by Martin’s animations.

The outcome was a one-of-a-kind brand identity, that included cutting-edge animated 3D art and unique web design.


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