We believe that the conventional approach to work organization, that we all used to, is not effective in a digital world where products and services can be accessed and delivered instantaneously.

We know how to adapt to rapid changes. We apply a biological and non-linear approach to managment.

Understanding the interdependency of emerging technologies, social-political changes, as well as fast-changing trends was fundamental to make a shape-shifting organization that responds to complex business challenges.

Most of our work is done through collaboration between organizations and experts. We create environments where individuals feel supported, valued and appreciated.

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Jo Jurga

Residence: Poland
Designer by profession and traveler by passion. Joanna studied painting in Singapore and industrial design in Warsaw. Now she is undertaking her PhD studies on the subject of the sense of security in space. Joanna is a nomad who freely brings up social and futurist issues in her design.

Alicja Peszkowska

Residence: Denmark

I am a professional communicator and project manager sensitive to people’s diverse needs & backgrounds. My specialties include communications, brand strategy, community engagement, content creation and curation, events production, and public speaking.

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Benita Hube

Residence: Australia

Doctor of Business Administration Candidate at The University of Western Australia. I am highly motivated by the desire to learn, grow and improve. In my career I have been focusing on project governance, change management and student administration in the tertiary education sector.

Natalia Borawska

Residence: Poland
I love an idea of marriage between Silicon Valley and Hollywood. I believe in a powerful concept of new storytelling which is being developed across traditional and new media. I've been telling stories for global and local brands for over 10 years.


Ewa Drygalska

Residence: Poland
Ewa Drygalska earned her Ph.D with Interdiciplinary Ph.D Program Society-Environment-Technology at Jagiellonian University. She works for museums and cultural institutions helping implementing new technologies and innovation into the world of culture and arts.


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