We design and implement future solutions, which are shaped by the influence of new technologies and trends, as well as the changing needs and behaviors.

We believe that collaboration and diversity are key for the innovation’s success.

We look at things from multiple perspectives and support innovations based on Sustainable Development Goals in the whole process of project creation, all the way to implementation.

Thanks to the cooperation of various groups of experts, we acquire new perspectives and make conscious design choices.



We help define and study the key challenges that will be impacting the development of our future, including the expectations of products and services.

We question anything that had been accepted as a given, we surprise and expand the boundaries
of knowledge.


If you want to make predictions of the future, you need to give them a physical form.
That is why it is important for each concept to go through the prototyping phase.

From building simple devices with the use
of microprocessors and sensors, through clickable, AI-supported prototypes of interfaces  and innovative service designs – we bring to life different visions of the future and present them to the world.


At the radicalzz.lab we use our research work, as well as understanding of new technologies and trends to develop ready concepts for products, services, and tools – digital and physical.

We develop innovative business models encompassing directions for strategy and commu-nication of brands.