We are designing
The Future

We are all-in-one studio that implements technologies to serve human needs. 


radical people

radical thinking

radical ideas

We are more than a service company that helps other enterprises to thrive.
We give you everything that’s between - connection and relationship.

We use our knowledge, talents, and resources to solve the most pressing challenges that the 21st Century is bringing along.

We are technology enthusiasts, but radical in underlining its human side. We believe that technology should serve the people’s needs - not the opposite. We use it as a tool that helps us to reshape the world around us and create the better future. 

We implement the principles of Victor Papanek's Function Complex in our projects. That's why anything we develop is functional and corresponds with real human needs.


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We are based in Warsaw, Poland
3/5 Foksal Street
IV floor

Whatsapp: + 48 664 027 366

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Core team


Founder & Sustainable Futures strategist

Philosopher & Maker at the heart

She has made her mission to accelerate the sustainability and innovation practices in the field of products, and service design and development.

In radicalzz.studio she is responsible for business relations, identifying clients needs and delivering future strategies.

She is multipotentialist - a mix of her various talents let her deliver ideas formed in a holistic ecosystem. With each project, she creates „The Whole Circle Solutions”, not only arches ripped out from context.


Digital to human strategist

Information Architecture & UX Writing. What to say, how to say it, and why it matters.

Karolina is dedicated to overcoming barriers to entry in the dynamic technology sectors.

She continues to challenge perplexing and rigid information structures with an inclusive, empowering narrative.

Her specialty is creating seamless and intuitive communication with brands that truly want to interconnect with communities.

She works alongside advertising agencies, venture builders, incubators, hackathons, startups, and corporations always bringing human needs to the front.

Sustainability lifestyle entrepreneur without borders. Poland - Portugal - Poland.


Creative Director

A proponent of the blockchain technology and its early adopter.

Likes doing things that are brave, wise, modern, unconventional, and pretty. He spent all his life close to computers and learned the graphic design on his own.

His aesthetic inspirations include brutalism (in art, design, and architecture), old computer games, and B-class Sci-Fi movies.

In spare time, he is an electronic music enthusiast. In the past, he started a project involving the use of modular and analog synthesizers.

When tired of the urban jungle, he does mountain trekking and hitchhiking in the Caucasus.



A researcher with a background in Cultural Anthropology and Qualitative Research.

In radicalzz.studio, he is responsible for conducting qualitative research and querying both scientific and popular sources in search for useful data.

He is particularly interested in issues connected with sustainable development.

In his spare time, he likes to tinker with different programming languages and create websites.


We developed our authorial Bandersnatch-like, interactive format for keynote presentations.

Audience gets access to the dedicated polling mobile website. 

Storyline in the presentation is split into parts. After each of them, we present possible further directions and ask audience members, in which one should we proceed.

Therefore, they have a direct impact onto the presentation’s flow. 

Got bored of one-side interaction during the presentations?

Want to deliver an engaging and unexpected experience at your conference or in your company?


Opener Festival
The Future of Europe 
Discussion panel
Gdynia, Poland

Audioriver Festival
The Future of Music Industry
Discussion panel
Płock, Poland


Creative Disruption- Retina by El Pais
Opening Keynote

Element Talks
Opening Keynote “The Future of Graphic Design”

Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology
Lecture & Workshop “Democratizing the Future Design”

The Next Web
Round Table Session

Future Museum Nuremberg
Discussion Panel with Dr. Anderas Gundelwein
Warsaw Goethe Institute Warschau

Personal Democracy Forum
Workshop: “Future Citizen”
European Solidarity Centre Gdańsk

IAM Week 2019  
Lecture: “Solar Punk and Digital Ecology”

December 2018
Aula Kraków
Lecture: “Designing The Future Experience”
Uniwersytet Jagielloński Audytorium Maxium

December 2018
Designing the Future: Food

November 2018
Reuse, Remix, Recycle
Narodowy Instytut Audiowizualny
Discussion Panel

November 2018
Brain Embassy
Lecture “How to prepare ourselves for the future challenges that are coming”

November 2018
Transformator Innowacyjności
Lecture “Wszystko juz było”

November 2018
Ladies that UX
Lecture + Workshop: “What forces drive us into The Future”

November 2018
Aula Poland
Google Campus
“Designing The Future Experience”

August 2018
Element UX Talks
“Designing The Future Experience on example of self driving cars”

August 2018
Workshop: Creative Storytelling in Big Data

August 2018
Digital Cultures with Platige Image
“Museums 2030: Designing The Future Experience”

June 2018
Cannt Festival Saatchi&Saatchi
“How to prepare ourselves for the formidable technological challenges that are coming”

May 2018
Re:Impactor Rzeczpospolita
“Education as the key to sucess in bulding future cities”

December 2017
“Imapct of the Maker Movement into Developing skills for the future”

November 2017
World Usability Day
“How to Design The Future with kids”

September 2017
TechFestival with hi.codes
“Making The Future”