Technological progress is more than just the Innovations. Each one of us can be its creator. At radicalzz.institute we, therefore, develop an open dialogue about the power of technology, which we will use in future as a means for pushing our society towards sustainable growth.

Designing The Future is a series of lectures and workshops showing speculative futures of a given industry as well as social trends shaping directions in which they can develop.

Our goal is to show you how to implement innovative practices based on responsibility and sustainability.

Our workshops are intended for enterprises, design teams, and managers looking for possible areas of growth for their companies and seeking inspirations to solve problems.

We give people the opportunity to prototype their solutions of the future. We believe that it is important to make each vision visible and that this approach might serve and give direction to the further future development of the chosen category or phenomenon.

Join us if you are interested in navigating your company better in the latest trends and best practices or seeking for ways to engage the contemporary and future generations: Millennials and Gen Z-ers.


Through speculations, we are trying to redefine and create alternatives for current products, system, and services.

We are not only involved in the future we want, but we also take under investigation and explore possible scenarios, which can be fulfilled if we do not start to think critically about the role of the new technologies in our society.


Through speculations, we are taking into consideration the influence of the emerging technologies into the future.

We ponder upon what specific features and functions we want technology to fulfill. We define the principles that the development should be based upon to serve our needs, both individual and collective.

Key fields of the emerging technologies, discussed during the lectures

︎Artificial Intelligence
︎Information Technology
︎Recognition Technologies
︎Health Technologies

︎Financial Technologies
︎Neuro Science
︎Future Materials
︎Transportation Technologies
︎Smart Home 
︎Smart City 


The strategic approach and understanding of trends allow us to make the right decisions that can alleviate possible risks and limit uncertainty about the future. 

As one of the key activities of radicalzz.institute, we regularly and thoroughly scan the media outlets and attend industry events in the search for the latest trends. We cover both micro and macro-level tendencies currently shaping the social and commercial aspects of life.

We delve into the fields of design, tech, retail, medicine, communication, gender, politics, and many more in order to keep you in touch with the rapidly changing world.

Short samples of our research are released daily and are available through subscription to our Instagram. For longer pieces, check our Medium blog or join one of the Designing the Future events described just below.

Key trends discussed during the lectures

︎Always Connected
︎The Future Female
︎Industry 4.0
︎Re-enlightment Era

︎Technology for the Better World
︎Mass Automatization
︎Maker Movement
︎Re-define Experience
︎New Mobility
︎Smart Green
︎Information Revolution


Designing The Future: Food

03.12.2018 Smolna8Food Warsaw