Making the Change
for The Future

We are designing The Future

We are all-in-one studio that implements technologies
to serve humans needs. 


+ Technology research +
+ Business cases and concepting
for technologies +

+ Technology explainers +
+ Ecosystem design +


+ Sustainability +
+ Circular Economy +
+ Research +
+ Trends +
+ Strategy & Insights +

Brand Experience

+ Digital products design +
+ Service Design +

Human Experience (incl. CX & UX) +
Branding +
+ Content creation +
+ Events’ curation  +


Cards Deck

Toolkit that helps discovering sustainable future-making trends and technologies. 

Technology explainer & branding

Introducing an
AI-based medical  technology to the market.

GIFs collection

An exploration of emerging channels of communication.

Brain Computer Interfaces

Increasing awareness about the BCI innovations’ features and applications.


Market research and business models implementation.

Virtual Avatar
& News Anchor

Engaging communication and customer support.

Solar Punk
& Digital Ecology

Setting up an open, holistic framework for responsible future design.

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At we organize open lectures and workshops series called Designing The Future 

We trigger a dialogue and build the community to enable more people to speculate about the possible future scenarios.