Key Takeaways

While more countries choose to make recreational cannabis legal, it is safe to say that the once small industry is booming. The estimated worth of marijuana business will reach $6 billion by 2020. The speed of its growth resembles the cases of cable TV in the 1990s or broadband Internet in the early 2000s. Will the cannabis industry change the world as they did?

Marijuana is already going through a massive redefinition of the way it's perceived. Not anymore a stoner, a modern cannabis user is a person looking for a stylish way to spend free time and to boost creativity.

During the Designing the Future: Weed we present the key areas of growth of the cannabis industry. We discuss the important role of women in the field, as they make up a large (36% and growing) group of entrepreneurs involved in the business. We show how diverse the industry is: from microdosing through innovative technology like vaporizers to food and drinks. We also examine the theme of sustainability - why is it important for the business and how it is implemented.

It is crucial to note that due to a dynamically changing legal status of cannabis, the field requires much flexibility and therefore is especially open for small and medium-size enterprises.

As with each of our events, we invite YOU to take part in the discussion and help shape the future of the marijuana industry.