The strategic approach and understanding of trends allow us to make the right decisions that can alleviate possible risks and limit uncertainty about the future. 

As one of the key activities of, we regularly and thoroughly scan the media outlets and attend industry events in the search for the latest trends. We cover both micro and macro-level tendencies currently shaping the social and commercial aspects of life.

We delve into the fields of design, tech, retail, medicine, communication, gender, politics, and many more in order to keep you in touch with the rapidly changing world.

Short samples of our research are released daily and are available through subscription to our Instagram. For longer pieces, check our Medium blog or join one of the Designing the Future events described just below.

Key trends discussed during the lectures

︎Always Connected
︎The Future Female
︎Industry 4.0
︎Re-enlightment Era

︎Technology for the Better World
︎Mass Automatization
︎Maker Movement
︎Re-define Experience
︎New Mobility
︎Smart Green
︎Information Revolution