Founder & Future Strategist

Philosopher & Maker at the heart

She has made her mission to accelerate the sustainability and innovation practices in the field of products, and service design and development.

In she is responsible for business relations, identifying clients needs and delivering future strategies.

She is multipotentialist - a mix of her various talents let her deliver ideas formed in a holistic ecosystem. With each project, she creates „The Whole Circle Solutions”, not only arches ripped out from context. 

Krzysztof Zdunkiewicz 

Creative Director

A proponent of the blockchain technology and its early adopter.

Likes doing things that are brave, wise, modern, unconventional, and pretty. He spent all his life close to computers and learned the graphic design on his own. 

His aesthetic inspirations include brutalism (in art, design, and architecture), old computer games, and B-class Sci-Fi movies.

In spare time, he is an electronic music enthusiast. In the past, he started a project involving the use of modular and analog synthesizers. 

When tired of the urban jungle, he does mountain trekking and hitchhiking in the Caucasus. 


Junior Researcher

A researcher with a background in Cultural Anthropology and Qualitative Research.

Between 2015-17, he has conducted a research describing a local community struggling with health issues caused by improper location of a waste processing plant on the outskirts of Warsaw. As the facility is just few hundred meters away from houses and inside a nature reserve of Kampinos, it became an example of a political decision made without taking into account neither the needs nor opinion of the local community.

In, he is responsible for conducting qualitative research and querying scientific, economic sources in search for useful data.