Radicalzz, as you can see it now, is a sum of our previous experiences, success, and failures.

We know how to get things done, and score awards, but on the other hand, we also experienced a lot of badly designed projects caused by a misguided decision making.

We know how to succeed but we also know how easy it is to fail. This experience transformed us to be responsible and wise partners.

The idea behind Radicalzz's ecosystem was created during the trip to India, Australia and Hong Kong. Each of this country had a massive influence in the process of shaping our approach and set of values .


During the trip to India, we realized that as humans we live and share a common global village - Earth. As residents, we have to realize that each action we take today has a massive influence into the future. That was the moment when we realized that Sustainability has to be part of Radicalzz DNA, otherwise our society will collapse.


Have you ever heard about the Quokkas, the natives of Rottnest Island in Western Australia? They have been described as the happiest animals in the world. You know why? Because they live in a specific environment where they had never experienced any predators or danger. This specific case made us realize the influence that the environment has on us and why it is necessary to design solutions with a whole ecosystem, in which they can grow and prosper.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a city torn between East and West, the future and the past, as reflected in its notable architecture. The city’s location at the heart of Asia means it is a gateway to the Chinese mainland. It also has world-leading infrastructure that provides a platform for start-ups.