The idea behind Radicalzz's ecosystem has grown during the trip to India, Australia and Hong Kong.

Each of this country had a massive influence in the process of shaping our approach and set of values


The growing social inequalities, hunger, and environmental pollution that we experienced in India have clearly shown us that as residents of the global village - Earth, we are responsible for its current shape.

It was in India that we have decided that all our actions as should contribute to the improvement of people's quality of life, and that sustainable development has to become part of the radicalzz DNA.


Have you ever heard about the Quokkas, the natives of Rottnest Island in Western Australia? They have been described as the happiest animals in the world. You know why? Because they live in a specific environment where they had never experienced any predators or danger. This specific case has realized us that things can not exsist when ripped out of the context. That’s why it is necessary to design solutions with a whole ecosystem, in which they can grow and prosper.


Hong Kong is a city torn between East and West, the future and the past, as reflected in its notable architecture. You can smell its influence in our branding, inspired by late night walks during which we were observing the city and its culture.