Technology Research

We gather insights on the technological developments and people’s expectations towards them.

Business cases and concepting for technologies 

We look for creative applications that make emerging technologies useful and practical. 

Technology explainers

We increase awareness about the technological innovations, features and applications.

Ecosystem design

As nothing exists without a context, we develop holistic ecosystems, in which the products can function and develop.



We strive to achieve UN Sustainable Development Goals in the projects we work at.


We study and define the key challenges that will impact the development of our future, including the expectations of products and services.


We look for early symptoms of changes taking place in contemporary world and keep track of them to explore their potential.

Strategy & Insights

We specify the possible directions of development and plan strategies to implement them.

Brand Experience

Digital products’ design & branding

We create technological brands that reject stereotypes and pave the way in their category.

Service Design

We research and design digital services so they meet real human needs.

Human Experience
(incl. CX & UX)

We design experiences for humans first, then customers or users.

Content creation

We create content that tells a story, educates, inspires and engages.

Events’ curation

We know how to design events, showing respect to our guests, while still leaving them in awe.