Key Takeaways

The first half of the 21st century is a period marked by rapid changes. Climate change, depletion of resources and waste management are the challenges requiring us to dramatically shift the way we think and act.

Also, technological phenomena, such as the Internet, AR, VR, the emergence of Machine Learning and the progressing automatiza-tion, force us to redefine our paradigm of work and hence, the education.

It is safe to assume that our successors, the children born today, will be even more immersed in the digital world while having to face more serious implications of the current social and environmental processes. 
If so, how should we design the new paradigm of education? How will the classes of the 21st century look like? How could technology affect schooling? And what skills should our children develop? 

Design The Future: Education is an interactive lecture during which we present you our insights on the theme of education, and invite You to participate in the discussion about possible scenarios of its future.