Key Takeaways

Death is a major point of interest in every culture. For centuries and millennia, people pondered over what happens to us when we die, coming up with myriad ideas. Those who felt fear sought comfort in the religion and the promise of the afterlife. But are we really bound to die? 

The developments of modern genetics, technology, and medicine open way for increasing the length of human life. Scientists have already figured out the part of a chromosome, called telomere, that is responsible for aging. Moreover, the notion of death is being constantly redefined as we learn more about our biology. It is not a mystery anymore - we know that it is caused by diseases or gradual deterioration of our internal organs. If so, what is the future of death?

Designing the Future: Death Industry is an interactive event during which we examine different prospects for the theme of our passing. We present you designs of sustainable burial solutions, including biodegradable coffins that allow recycling nutrients from our body, or floating graveyards invented to tackle the shortage of space.

Another topic covered is transhumanism: we give you a walkthrough through fields such as Human Augmentation, Brain-Computer Interfaces, Nanotechnology, Genetic Engineering, Bionics, Immersive Experience and talk about ideas for organ 3D-printing and mind transplantation.

As most of the covered topics can be examined from different points of view, we stop at the key points of the event in order to give you an opportunity to choose the direction in which the lecture goes, using your mobile device. As usual, we also encourage you to join a discussion and share your thoughts about the future of death.

We also discuss the implications of the lifespan increase: How could the education system change? Will the time pressure disappear? Would it make us care more about the future of our environment?