During our first meetup, which took place on Valentine’s Day, we presented the history of erotic industry, and an overview of technologies that might influence its future development.

Afterwards, we held a workshop, during which we made our own sex toys, thus speculating about whether we want to accept solutions such as 4D printing, immersive experience, and bionic robotics to all aspects of our lives.


The second event consisted of three parts:

A lecture, during which we analyzed how changes brought by the 3rd Industrial Revolution influenced the redefinition of business models used by large record labels. We also presented an overview of latest technological solutions that may shape their future.

During the discussion panel, the representatives of music industry (YouKnowMeRecords, Wojtek Urbański, Kayax, CORD) unanimously decided that key elements of success for a contemporary musician are creativity and ability to use modern resources.

As an ending activity, we held workshops during which we created speculations about the experiences of making and reception of music in 2050.

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Today's youngest generation might be the first on Earth, which thanks to the development of medicine and nanobots will be able to decide on the length of their lives.
During the third meeting, we presented how technology could affect the perception of mortality.

We were wondering how would the world change if people could survive up to 150 years? Is overcoming death the last challenge that humanity faces?

The event took on an interactive form. Using the tool specially designed by us, the participants had the opportunity to vote and decide in which direction the presentation was going.


The current model of public education has been based on the industrial model of production line. Therefore, it does not prepare the youth to a dynamically changing world, in which the labor market is becoming increasingly automated.

During the lecture, to which we especially invited children with their parents, we discussed the Makers’ Movement and soft skills. The development of the latter is crucial to make kids ready to face the challenges of future.

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It is estimated that in 2020 the value of the hemp business will reach 6 billion dollars. The speed of its development resembles cable television in the 1990s and the Internet in the first decade of the 21st century. Will the cannabis industry share their fate and also change the world?

During the lecture we presented the history and trends of the Cannabis market. The industry is particularly attractive for small and medium-sized enterprises that can afford the flexibility necessary for frequent changes in legal regulation concerning hemp.

The event ended with a quiz on the knowledge of Cannabis applications, in which the prize was a 25-centimeter joint intended for collecting purposes. 

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This time we joined forces with the girls from Bar Pacyfik and together we created a real Dining Experience.

In addition to a lecture about the food of the future (meaning the one that tastes good, has an impact on our health, is made responsibly, with respect for animals and plants) the participants have learned for themselves, what future tastes like.
Bar Pacyfik prepared a dinner, during which our guests could test dishes made of worms, algae and fungi.

We also invited Alex Genis with her Aroma project, nominated for the Food Design Awards. Magda Mojsiejuk was responsible for the set design.

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In recent years, the growing awareness of issues related to the gender has significantly changed our culture. To many people, this created an opportunity for emancipation of their true selves.

The development of new communication technologies made it possible to spread the discussion about the topic on a global scale. Thanks to the internet, movements like #metoo were able to point the attention to previously neglected problems, like toxic masculinity.

During the event, we speculated about the identity of future humans and discussed why the sensitivity to the issue is crucial for the society.

We also explored how the technology can be used to build a safe space for all genders.

We've already started creating virtual humans that have influence on our lives. Now, it is worth asking how should their identity and sexuality be constructed?

The event included a video talk with Kinga Michalska, Montreal-based queer visual artist and feminist activist. The visual identity was made by the creative duo DOH.


Solar Punk is a positive vision of the future, in which renewables and low technologies are used to create a sustainable, inclusive and holistic environment for all species.

We wanted to make Solar Punk something more than just a vision and turn it into a canvas for responsible future design. But first, we had to popularise the idea.

That’s why we made it a topic of one of our events. The interactive keynote was first held in Barcelona, at the Internet Age Media 2019. There, we presented an overview of technologies that might be used to fix our future. Moreover, we discussed the neglected problem of Digital Ecology (the issue of environmental impact of our digital activity).

After an overwhelmingly positive feedback, we decided to bring the discussion back home, presenting the topic in a renewable-based Solace House in Warsaw, to a small audience of sustainability enthusiasts.